Port location

OT Port Świnoujście S.A. conducts basic reloading activities on three specialized and well-equipped wharves with a total length of 1,655 m, enabling the handling of ships with maximum parameters: L = 270 m, B = 42 m, D = 13.20 m.

The terminal has a convenient geographical location very close to the open sea, at the meeting point of the main shipping routes, and has good inland, rail and road connections with the hinterland.

The port in Świnoujście is characterised by very favourable navigation conditions. In particular, it is a port that does not freeze, free from tides and ice.

The navigational entrance channel to the port is 32 nautical miles long, 180 to 200 m wide, and 14 m deep. Ships enter the port directly from the Pomeranian Bay.