Container handling

Two Liebherr LHM 500 cranes with an automatic Bromma gripper ensuring reloading of containers weighing 40 tonnes (17 rows), and after rearming, also over high and 140-tonne heavy containers.

Illuminated and monitored storage yard – CY with an area of 9,300 m2 enabling the storage of full containers up to 4-5 layers – 1,600-2,000 TEU at a time. There are two railway lines reaching the storage yard, which guarantee a single introduction of a full train on Sggos platforms with a capacity of 80 TEU (4 x 20’= a Sggos platform).

Stations for connecting reefer containers – 85 sockets. The proximity of the Euro-Terminal cold store – storage capacity of approx. 24,000 pallets in the temperature range (-30/+13°C) gives recipients the opportunity to unform and briefly store full refrigerated containers in the yard.

Draught enabling the entry of post-panamax container ships of approximately 4,500 TEU.

Container handling in the wagon – yard – wagon relationship is provided by Kalmar reachstackers. A total of 15 (tractors and semi-trailers) to transport containers to and from the yard.

The introduction of container trains and shunting work on platforms is secured by 5 of our own locomotives.

At the end of 2013, the Terminal was equipped with a post-panamax STS container crane. In 2014, a new Bromma SSx45 spreader and an OSx45 frame were purchased for the reloading of overhight containers.

New investments now allow container ships to be safely accommodated at two wharves – Hutników and Górników. This prevents possible congestion of container ships and significantly increases the comfort of service.