Bulk cargo handling

The largest bulk cargo center on the Polish coast

0 million tonnes
annual bulk cargo handling capacity
OT Port Świnoujście provides handling and storage services for bulk cargo, such as:
  • bulk agro, cereals
  • middlings and feed
  • biomass
  • coke, coal
  • iron ore
  • aggregates
  • fertilizers
To handle bulk and agro cargo, OT Port Świnoujście has the appropriate infrastructure and equipment:
    • storage yards, warehouses
    • 2 grab gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of Q=20Mg
    • belt conveyors of the technological line
    • two LIEBHERR LHM 500 cranes DOR = 140 Mg
    • 2 stationary gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 10 t
    • ship loading facilities with a capacity of 25 thousand tons per day
    • wagon loading facility with a capacity of up to 10,000 t/day
    • stackers with a capacity of up to 1,000 tonnes per hour each
    • Volvo loaders
    • wagon defrosting equipment
    • 2 wagon tipplers with capacities up to 20,000t/day
    • gantry crane with lifting capacity Q=25 Mg and productivity 720 t/h
Bulk and agro cargo is handled at the following quays:
  • Górników quay with a draught of 13.20 m
  • Chemików quay with draught of 13.20 m
  • Hutników quay with draught of 13.20 m