OT PORT ŚWINOUJŚCIE S.A. is a marine universal port which, basing on a considerable experience, qualified staff and possessed superstructure and infrastructure resources, provides handling service for widely-understood bulk goods and general cargo, both in terms of export and import, from any means of transport operating inland or on waterways.

Additionally, cooperation with subjects of the corporate group, to which OT PORT ŚWINOUJŚCIE S.A. belongs, allows to create a comprehensive offer for clients, which includes, apart from handling service, forwarding and railway or river transport to the final recipient.

Ordering the comprehensive product care provides you with the possibility of simplifying the logistics.

OT PORT ŚWINOUJŚCIE S.A. renders services which include the following:

  • handling service of bulk loose cargo, i.e. coal, coke, ore, biomass, forest products, crops, manure,
  • handling general cargo, i.e. steel products, containers, structures, heavy items - max 250 tones, palletized cargo, big-bags,
  • domestic cargo handling,
  • storing bulk loose cargo and general cargo, including steel products and heavy items, on yards and in warehouses,
  • ready-made products services, mixing, crushing and sorting bulk cargo,
  • sorting, stowage, fastening, banding, completing cargo, binding items, general cargo shipment, forming/unforming containers,
  • weighing and tarring cars and wagons on car scales, railway scales and dynamic scales, located on transport routes,
  • equipment rental, as well as handling and transport machines rental outside the port,
  • locomotives and railway service rental,
  • works on railway tracks with own equipment,
  • hiring teams of workers for various tasks related to handling and similar works,
  • railway, barge, forwarding transport services

OT PORT ŚWINOUJŚCIE S.A. works 24/7, 365 days a year, and its annual handling capacity equals 12 million tonnes of various products.

We pay a particular attention to provide services of high quality, and consequently to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.

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