Misja OT Port Świnoujście:
“Osiągnąć pozycję największego uniwersalnego portu w Polsce”

Who are we?

OT Port Świnoujście S.A. is a dynamically developing universal port, located at the estuary of the Świna River to the Baltic Sea, and also the largest bulk cargo centre on the Polish coast, guaranteeing fast and reliable handling and storage services for bulk and general cargo, both export and import, from any means of land or water transport. The terminal operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and meets the requirements of the ISPS Code.

0 mln tons
of annual handling capacity
0 thousand
sq. m. total storage area
0 m
maximum draught
number of quays
0 km
length of quays

What we do?

OT Port Świnoujście has many years of experience in conventional lo-lo handling as well as storage on yards and warehouses:

Dry bulk cargo

Bulk agro i.e. cereals, middlings, feed, biomass and other bulk cargo, i.e. coke, coal, iron ore, aggregates, fertilizers or forestry products

General cargo

Steel products, paper products, big-bag loads, palletised loads, wood products, heavy goods up to 250 tons, oversize cargo, or elements of investment deliveries


Handling of all types of containers, including refrigerated containers; possibility of introducing container trains

In addition to the main handling and storage services, OT Port Świnoujście also provides services of:

Stuffing and stripping of containers

Hire of handling equipment, machinery and dockers outside

Railway shunting using our own equipment

Hire of locomotives and railway staff

Railway and barge transport services

Additional port services such as: packaging, sorting, blending, crushing of bulk cargo

Weighing and tare weighting of trucks and wagons on truck scales, railway scales and dynamic scales located in the transport routes

We look forward to working with you!

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