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Crisis in the shipping world in 2009 and pressure of the deep sea carriers to cut the transports expenses accelerated replacement of container ships entering the Baltic. Instead of typical feeder with a capacity of 600 TEU units two / three times bigger ships appeared with a draft exceeding possibility of passage through the Kiel Canal. The larger tonnage means another ports challenge that has to adapt them to the new conditions. In order to meet this demand OT PORT ŚWINOUJŚCIE Sp. z o.o. in the middle of 2013 commenced first container handling* in Hutników Quay and Górników Quay.

Advantages arising from the location of the port / terminal in Świnoujście:

  • Direct and easy approach from roads to berth - 9 miles (approach speed 12 knots).
  • Lack of any tidal and convoys (ice free) port.
  • Two turntables in the harbor channel for setting the ship "to exit" without the assistance of tugs.
  • Two Quays Hutników and Górników with lengths respectively 328m and 330 m.
  • 13.2 meters draught allowing to enter post panamax container c / a 4500 TEU.
  • Two type crane Liebherr LHM 500 with spreader "bromma" ensure container handling, weighing 40 tons (for 17 rows) after adaption of the container over high and 140 ton of heavy.
  • Illuminated and monitored storage yard - CY with an area of 9300 square meters of storage allows full containers to 4-5 layers - once from 1600 to 2000 TEU.
  • A total of 15 (Sisu tractors and roll-trailers) responsible for transporting containers to and from the storage yard.
  • Establishment to connect reefer containers - 85 plugs**
  • Monitored CFS warehouse with a capacity of 5800 square meters for stuffing and storage all kind of general cargo
  • CFS warehouse is equipped with 14 lift trucks ranging from 2 to 21 tons.
  • To the storage area come two railway lines that provide one-time block train sggos platforms with a capacity of 80 TEU (4x20'= a platform sggos).
  • Container Yard is equipped with Kalmar reachstackers.
  • Block trains and platforms shunting are done by own locomotives ( 5 units ).

At the end of this year, the terminal will be equipped with a gantry-type container - Post Panamax STS and extend for another storage area for 4400-5500 TEU capacity (storage plus a service depot) today dedicated to the bulk.

* Eimskip - Regular (fixed day service) a Polish container link with Iceland (Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Reydarfjordur) by Sweden (Helsingborg), Norway (Fredrikstad) and Denmark (Aarhus, Torshavn - Faroe Islands) on the way back to Świnoujście (call on Wednesdays ) by the Netherlands (Rotterdam)

** Proximity cold Euro -Terminal - Storage Capacity c / a 24,000 pallets in a range (-30°C / +13°C ) gives customers the chance of stripping and short storage of full reefers in the square.





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