The beginning

In 1729 Frederick William I, the ruler of Prussia, decided to deepen the Świna River and to build a harbour at its mouth. The construction of the breakwaters made the entrance to the port calm and safe even on stormy days. A luminous pond was set up on the eastern breakwater in 1828 to ensure safe ship traffic and two years later a pilot observation tower on the eastern shore. The lighthouse light was first lit in 1857.

Post-war times

After World War II, Polish port regulations were introduced and the cleaning of the port from wrecks began. In 1950 the Bunkering Ship Base at Portowców Quay (Świnoport I) was put into operation. In the following years destroyed quays were rebuilt and new reloading bases were built: Coal Reloading Base on Miners’ Quay (Swinoport II), Chemical Raw Materials Reloading Base on Chemists’ Quay (Swinoport III), Ore Reloading Base on Metallurgists’ Quay (Swinoport IV).


In October 1990, the organisational structure was simplified and the Zakład Przeładunkowo-Składowego in Świnoujście became more independent. A year later the Zarząd Portu Szczecin-Świnoujście was transformed into a joint stock company wholly owned by the State Treasury and a limited liability company was established under the name of Port Handlowy Świnoujście.

Terminal constructions

The years 1998-1999 saw the construction of the Deza Polska Terminal for handling liquid pitch at Chemików Quay. Since then, the facilities at the Hutników’ Quay, the Górników ‘ Quay and the Container Terminal at the Metallurgists’ Quay (VGN) as well as the Bunge Trade Polska Terminal for grain handling at the Portowców Quay were gradually extended and retrofitted.

New name

PTK Holding S.A. from Zabrze (later DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A.) and Odratrans S.A. from Wrocław (later OT Logistics S.A.) acquired shares in Port Handlowy Świnoujście from Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście S.A. in 2008. In turn, in September 2012, a controlling package (97%) of Port Handlowy Świnoujście was acquired by OT Logistics S.A. after buying shares from DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A.
In April 2015, the name of the company is changed to OT Port Świnoujście Sp. z o.o., and two years later the company is transformed into a joint stock company.

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OT Port Świnoujście
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